INSURANCE. The price includes a limited liability insurance for damages to third parties and a deductible of € 300 for damage that may occur to the vehicle.

WITHOUT SELF-PARTICIPATION: supplement of 6 € per day all inclusive, except punctures, wheel breakage or loss of car keys, which are charged to the customer.

FEES: Included in the rental price. Rental duration: One full day is 24 hours. Tank: The car is fully fueled and should be brought back full tank. The fuel consumption, traffic tickets and towing service are the responsibility of the customer. Unlimited kilometers.


DRIVER: Minimum age 23 and at least 2 years driving license.

RETURNS: You can also give the car in San Sebastian de la Gomera, with an additional payment of 30 €.


NOTE: We inform our customers that the vehicle may never be driven outside the Island La Gomera. It is your responsibility to adhere to our terms and conditions, in case of damages and other problems, the renter will pay for the costs.

The Company

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